Upgrade Your Outdated Inventory Management System

Improve Accuracy and Efficiency in Your Warehouse

Accuracy and speed are critical factors in any business, but the complex nature of inventory and warehouse management can easily affect both. If your business is using an outdated inventory management system that wasn’t designed to grow with your business, or if you’re still using a manual system to manage your inventory, it’s time to consider upgrading to a system designed with flexibility, accuracy, efficiency, and functionality as the foundation.

With more than 30 years industry experience in barcoding, inventory, and warehouse management solutions, Barcoding & Data Collection Systems Pty Ltd (B&DCS) is aware of how the processes and technology have evolved – and continue to do so. This has allowed us to develop sophisticated solutions that meet the ever-changing demands of inventory and warehouse management, without being overly complex to use.

Our MINDER Series™️ encompasses all aspects of proper inventory or asset management, from software through to hardware, so you never have to worry about compatibility issues, or having to deal with multiple vendors for support. It has five major variants, some of which can be paired for additional functionality as they share one database metadata.


  • Small, Medium & Enterprise Editions
  • Desktop, Tablets & Handheld Web Screens
  • Receipting with or without purchase orders (POs)
  • Simplified Putaways and Transfers
  • Order Importing, Entry, Invoicing, Checking and Shipping
  • Automatic Picking allocation
  • Easy to customise
  • Add DESPATCH*MINDERTM to enable automated Carton Weighing, Carrier Consignment Labels, and Manifests
  • Add FMSTM for additional Freight Management functionality
  • Support for enquiries and cyclic counting on handheld terminals
  • Generate and print Product Barcodes, Licence Plate Barcodes, Location Barcodes, and more
  • Full reporting functionality


  • Small, Medium & Enterprise Editions
  • Desktop, Tablets & Handheld Web Screens
  • Over-The-Counter, keyboard-less and fast tool loans & returns, or issuing of consumables
  • Monitor safety testing, calibration, and inspection of tools
  • Support for extensive tool descriptions, conditions and categories
  • Supports multiple tool owners
  • Cost Centre/Job No. Tools & Consumables usage reporting
  • Operates with multiple and remote sites
  • Easy user created reports
  • Barcoded labels and tags generation and printing
  • Supports capture and display of tool images.


  • Collection name and type
  • Owner details, including if object is donated or on loan
  • Objects registration and accessioning reporting
  • Extensive object descriptions and images
  • Object history
  • Operates with multiple and remote sites
  • Easy user created reports
  • Generate and print barcoded labels and tags


  • Moving conveyor carton weighing and dimensioning system
  • Automatic carrier label print and application
  • Able to use Android hand held Barcode Terminals to record details for irregular shaped and non conveyor items
  • Interfaced with FMSTM freight management system
  • Enable dynamic selection of carrier and carrier service based upon set business rules

Assumes existing, powered conveyor system and that all cartons to be measured and weighed have a uniquely identifiable carton barcode label attached.


  • Asset testing and refurbishment
  • Support for extensive object descriptions and images
  • Master data description levels
  • Support for recording make, model, and serial no., and more than 20 user-defined fields
  • Asset condition (original and current), along with
    • Appearance,
    • Completeness,
    • Operability, &
    • Services performed
  • User created reports
  • Full support for generation and printing of barcoded labels and tags

No business structure is too complex for our solutions, from being integrated for use in a single warehouse or multiple warehouses, and from managing the inventory for a single owner or company through to multiple owners or companies within a single warehouse operation. And being web-based (for use on desktop, tablet and mobile devices) means that you and key suppliers and customers can access it from anywhere and at any time, but without limiting you to a cloud-based solution; we offer both on-premise and Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions for inventory and warehouse management.

Developed using Open-Source Tools, our solutions are low-cost, fast and easy to implement, and can be extended further with custom add-on modules to provide the exact functionality you require.

All variants of our MINDER™️ series support extensive configurations for easier integration without you or your employees having to adopt new processes. Whether you sell by product, by lot number, or by licence plate label, you are able to allocate picking by operator, device, or product, and configure the picking allocation according to your own internal process, including first-in-first-out (FIFO), custom algorithms, or via the shortest route.

From receiving, put-away into storage, kitting and picking and barcode scan-checking of products, and finally despatch processing, your inventory management will not only be more accurate, it will also be more efficient.

Our success is measured in your success. Get in touch to learn more about our inventory management solutions and barcoding systems for inventory, asset, or warehouse management, and how they can help keep you ahead of your competitors.