B&DCS offers a range of Inventory Management solutions

Barcoding & Data Collection Systems Pty Ltd (B&DCS) has been operating for over 20 years and has consistently evolved to meet the demands of the ever-changing technology developments. We have developed sophisticated Warehouse Management Systems to ensure you have complete control over your inventory. We have clients that have been relying on our systems for over 20 years and we can demonstrate to our clients that our inventory management system has an accuracy of well over 99.9%.


  • Operate one or Multiple Warehouses
  • Supports one or Multiple Companies/Owners
  • Scalable from one Operator to 20+
  • Handles Orders per shift – 1 to 3000+
  • Allows Web Access for your key Suppliers, Customers


  • Web Based for round the clock and round the world access
  • Low cost and fast implementation, built with Open Source Tools
  • Microsoft or Linux Platforms
  • Desktop Browser – Firefox
  • In-house or SaaS – Almost nil IT resources required
  • Hand Held Terminal Training only requires minutes per function
  • Simple to use throughout
  • Proven accuracy in inventory management without high stocktaking costs
  • Economical Custom extensions
  • Enables Sales personnel to meet and confirm Orders in real-time


  • Receiving – Hand Held and Fixed Terminals
  • Licence Plate Label printing with wide range of formats
  • Put Away – Operator or System directed
  • Transfers – by Location (2 scans), by Licence Plate (2 scans)
  • ReStack, RePack, ReSort Products
  • Allocate Picking by Operator, by Device, by Product
  • Picking – Shortest Route, FIFO, Custom Algorithms
  • Despatch Processing – Manifest, Connote, Address labels, Exit Warehouse
  • Purchase & Sales Order Entry – Manual, import from Legacy, import from Excel/.CSV, SOAP interfaces
  • Sell by Product, by Lot No, by Licence Plate
  • Over-The-Counter Issues & Returns – Tools, Consumables – fast Cordless Barcode Scanning with overdue loans highlighting
  • Stocktaking – cyclic, real-time Recounts, Variance processing
  • Conveyor Line Scanning, Automatic Print and Apply
  • Extensive range of Inventory Management Reporting Tools – in-built PHP Exporting, ODBC Jasper Reports and Third Party Report Writers, scheduled Reporting and Exporting – CSV, Excel, PDF, XML.
  • Administration Screens – extensive & easy to use.
  • Extensive Audit trails
  • Automated and configurable Records Archiving